Neem in Agriculture

The Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica A. juss) and its derivatives have great relevance in organic farming practices. This remarkable tree has been identified as a renewable resource for home grown agro-chemicals and nutrients which are bio – degradable, non-toxic and effective. Long before synthetic chemicals and commercial insecticides and fertilizers were available, Neem derivatives were

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Neem for Health

Neem is considered to be of divine origin according to Indian mythology. After Samudra Mantthan when amrita (ambrosia or the elixir of immortality) was being carried to heaven by Devas few drops of it fell on the Neem tree which attributes to its amazing medicinal properties. That’s why it is also known as‘Kalpavruksha’. Neem stands

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An Intro – Neem

Neem – the legendary medicinal tree of India has grown with the human settlement all over the country and has been an integral part of the Indian way of life for centuries. The history of the Neem tree is inextricably linked to the history of the Indian civilization. The Neem tree has for a very

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Crop nutrition

Crops require a balanced diet of essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Yara is the world’s leading producer of such nutrients through its wide range of nitrogen fertilizers. Many plant foods can be found in the soil, but often in insufficient quantities to sustain high crop yields. Soil and climatic conditions can also limit a plant’s uptake of

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Crop Needs

Each crop needs a different range of nutrients at every critical stage of its development. For example, nitrogen and phosphorous are often more critical at early stages of growth to fuel root and leaf development, whereas zinc and boron are important during flowering. Cereal crops use nutrients for growth, progressively moving them from the roots, leaves and stems into the

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What Is Neem ! ?

Neem is a fast growing tree that usually reaches a height of 15-20 m, and under very favorable conditions up to approximately 30-35 m. As a rule it is a evergreen tree, but under extreme circumstances, such as extended dry periods, it may shed most of nearly all of its leaves. The branches spread widely.

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